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Smart Society with smart people

To have a smart society, not only we need to deploy new technologies for a safer, healthier, and economical habitat, but also people need to be educated on utilizing all the available resources in a clever manner. The objective of this article is to promote thinking, learning and applying what you know

Educated person is someone who has extensive knowledge of a subject matter.  An individual may be educated in multiple subjects.

· Must have a capacity to learn

· Must be given opportunity to learn

· Must be willing to learn


Skilled is a person who can apply acquired knowledge in real life and demonstrate his/her skill flawlessly and with confidence.

· Must have the knowledge of the subject matter

· Must be given an opportunity to apply gained knowledge

· Practice makes it perfect.


Smart is a person who can utilize all the resources and parameters (available & foreseeable) to connect the dots and conclude an optimum decision in any given situation.

· Knowledge: May require knowledge and education onmultiple arenas

· Experience:  Own experience or experience of others

· Vision: To be able to consider allthe angles, to be visionary

· And more


Here is a very simplistic example to demonstrate Educated, Skilled and Smart.

Besides our natural instincts, the brain has the capacity for thinking and acquiring new knowledge(intellect).   In general terms,education is the process of acquiring and retaining information (knowledge)about a  specific subject. Adam looks at a piece of lumber and says “This is made from a walnut tree, which was at least 20 years old and this species of walnut grows only in South America. The size  of this piece is 1” by 10” finished and it is considered hard wood. Relatively speaking, it is expensive wood and oil base colors looks great on it. XYZ Timber Company is the main supplier  of this type of wood. The best use for this type of wood is in production of furniture…”and Adam goes on and on talking about this one piece of lumber. When a person gains extensive knowledge about a subject, we say that person is educated in that specific field. Adam is educated about lumber, but one cannot conclude that he is a good carpenter; he has possibly never touched a hammer in his life.    

Eve buys a few pieces of lumber, takes a measuring tape and marks multiple places on the lumber.  She puts on a pair of sound muffs, cuts the woods into specific shapes using wood working machines. It is heart wrenching to look at her hands going so close to the saw blade running at 1500 RPM.  She uses a multitude of hand and electric tools, and after a few hours has created an awesome looking,unpainted set of end-tables. Eve is a skilled person who can create useful wooden items with confidence.

Dave has learned (knowledge) that a dry wood absorbs water.  He has seen wood with deep stain spots that cannot be removed (experience).He also understands that it takes a lot of resources to make something like Eve’s end-tables.  When Dave visits Eve one day, she was frying chicken wings on the stove.  While Dave was admiring her end-tables, Eve brings him some chicken wings on a napkin and pulls up one of her newly made end-tables in front of him. In a split second,he connects  the dots and decides not to place the napkin on the table because it is possible that the oil from the chicken wings could seep through the napkin and stain the wood, which will ruin the fine piece of furniture (Smart). Usually smart people are creative problem solvers as well.  Maybe Dave invented drink Coasters

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