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Advertising vs Marketing

Both Marketing and Advertising are important components in the growth of any business.  Knowing the difference between them will give your business a positive edge in the market place. If you think of marketing as a tool box, advertising would be a tool inside the box. Each tool in the box is made for a specific purpose in mind.  To work on an engine, you will need a multitude of tools. As an analogy,   if business is an engine, you the business owner want this engine to function in a healthy manner within controlled environment.

Advertising  is the promotion of a product, service or business to potential customers.  The promotion may be emphasized for the general public or for a selected group. It may utilize a variety of means such as images, texts, sounds, movies, events or actual products to deliver the intended message.

Marketing  is the systematic planning and  implementation of activities designed  to utilize available advertising tools  to ensure performance of your business engine in a competitive and free enterprise environment.   In order for a marketing campaign to be measureable,  it needs to continue for a reasonable period of time.

Marketing Czar:  The marketing czar of a business or service provider needs to identify his/her marketing arena.  The person in charge of marketing needs to recognize what tools to utilize in order to guarantee health of the business long term.  Note, that marketing czar could be one person (i.e. owner of a small business) or a team of people for a larger company.  It is important to understand how and when to use each tool to maximize the end result.  For a business to feel the results of a marketing campaign, it will take much longer unlike using a wrench and pair of pliers on an engine ,where you see the results immediately.  Even though no one can guarantees success of a marketing campaign, one fact still holds true and that is  the length of a campaign and continuity of the marketing message will increase probability of the response from your audience.

Advertising tools:

Word of mouth: Nothing beats the exposure of a business by happy clients.  Besides offering a great product combined with excellent service, it guarantees retention of your current clients. Happy and satisfied customers will expose and recommend your business to potential clients. 

Print Medias:  Printed materials are the oldest form of advertising, and they are not going away anytime soon.  This tool comes in different varieties such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, signs, fliers, coupon books and more.  Now a days, most printed ads contain a basic message and point the audience to a digital media, namely a website.  What it means is printed ads are becoming a gateway to a larger and more comprehensive marketing media.  There are some advantages to printed advertising over digital ads.  Physically it can be delivered to any person or address. The audience does not need to have a device (i.e. computer, any gadget) to access and view your promotions.   

Digital Media:  Now a days, most printed materials point to a website for more comprehensive information about products and services.  This advertising tool has unique advantages over others.  It exposes your business 24x7 every day of the year, promotions  can be viewed  from anywhere in the world, and potential customers can contact you electronically.  Most important of all,  actual transactions can be performed online.



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